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ocus of t●he Mutiny.The time had been wel▓l chosen: the white troops were much ●disseminated, and the hot wea●ther was coming on; the proportion of Europ▓ean officers in the native regim●ents was small, the Company o▓fficers being always natives, an▓d havi

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ng little real authority ●over their men.There was, m▓oreover, a tradition that a hu▓ndred years after Plassy the English po▓wer in India would be broken. Hence ▓Delhi fell into the hands of the re●bels, and became the scene o●f the most revolting barbar

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ities, too foul to▓ tell.Whatever even remote idea of strik●ing for freedom the leader may h▓ave held, is lost in the awful savagery ●that accompanied the rising.But vengeance c▓omplete and ample was preparing.Ri●sings occurred everywhere—at Fe▓rozepore, at Meea

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n Meer, at Murdaun, and so o▓n; but in many cases prompt measures were ta▓ken to disarm the301 men, who, when disarmed, f▓led to increase the hostile force at D●elhi. The European troops seemed but oase▓s in the vast desert of ruin.The 3▓2nd held Lucknow; the 60th and Carabin●iers Meerut; the 61st at Feroze▓pore; at Meean Meer th

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  • e 81st; the 75th wer▓e at Umballah; the 9th Lancers

  • and ▓the Bengal Fusiliers elsewhere.Her▓e

  • and there were native regimen

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ts who were activ▓ely loyal and helpful, others ●were apathetic or openly hostile. From ●Burmah was re

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native regimen●ts concerned marched to and ▓occupied Delhi, which now became the f
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